Use of seat belts


1. Sit down on a seat and lean back on a back.

For minimization of risk of getting injured in case of accident of a seatback of the driver and the passenger have to be lifted as it is possible above. The protection provided with seat belts can be considerably reduced if seatbacks are lowered. At the inclined seatback in case of accident the driver or the passenger can slip out from under a seat belt and be traumatized.

2. Undertake a buckle of a seat belt and lift it up a seat belt so that it easily could be stretched across a body. After several attempts it will become automatic operation.

3. Pull a seat belt and tighten a buckle closer to the lock. The seat belt of this system will not cease to stretch if you stop or will tarry so relax and continue to be fastened. Insert a buckle so to hear click.

4. Walk a hand along the top strip of a seat belt that it did not dangle.
The seat belt will not drag on a touch therefore you can pull it as it is convenient to you.

Check that the lower strip of a seat belt fitted your legs tightly, but not a waist. If the seat belt is established above, it can increase risk of getting injured in case of accident.

5. Check a seat belt tension.
The seat belt for convenience will be a little weakened when you return to normal situation.

6. A humeral part of a seat belt will not constrain your movements in normal conditions. The seat belt will be tightened in case of sharp change of speed of the movement of the car. To unfasten a belt, press the button on the seat belt lock. To return a belt on a door rack at an exit from the car, pull a belt a little down and at once release.

Do not forget to close all doors before a start of motion. Locking of doors and use of seat belts will reduce risk of getting injured in case of accident.

Adjustment of height of fastening of a seat belt (front seats)
Height of fastening of a seat belt can be adjusted.

1. Pull for the handle.
2. Lift fastening up or down in that situation which is convenient to you, then release the handle. You have to hear click, and fastening of a seat belt has to be reliably recorded.
3. Handle
4. Adjustable fastening of a seat belt

At adjustment of height of installation of a seat belt you watch that after you are fastened, the seat belt fitted your shoulder tightly and did not touch a neck.