2.6. Care of the battery

Cleaning of the plug of corrosion

Cleaning of a polar tip

Care of the battery comes down to check of a condition of poles and plugs, existence of dribbles of electrolyte and corrosion on adjacent metal details, to restoration of level of electrolyte, to periodic check of tension and charging. The places struck with corrosion should be washed out solution of soda and to paint zinc soil. Plugs and poles should be cleared to gloss, at the same time not to a sdeformiruyta a conical part of plugs. On unattended batteries check electrolyte density. On a part of batteries there are built-in areometers of chromatic type.

Built-in areometer of chromatic type

1. White (it is necessary to recharge)
2. Blue

It is necessary to add the distilled water (in the absence of electrolyte dribbles) until level does not reach 9,5 mm over plates.
It is recommended to charge the battery (except unattended) with small current.