12:22. Hatch

Hatch (1992-98)

1. Switch
2. Electric drive
3. Control unit
4. Back arm
5. Hatch
6. Forward arm
7, 8. Drainage hoses

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove the panel of the switch and disconnect conducting.
3. Remove a ceiling upholstery (see subsection 12.27).
4. Close the hatch and remove the hatch electric motor (if the hatch cannot be closed, then designate the provision of a cover and guide).
5. Designate the provision of a reducer of the drive on an arm.
6. Remove the control unit.
7. Remove a back arm, get the hatch assembled and remove a forward arm.
8. Remove drainage hoses only if necessary.

9. For removal of a hose attach to it a cord, having wound with a tape and stretch a hose in salon (1 – a sealant, 2 – a tape, 3 – a cord, 4, 5 – a hose).
10. Installation is carried out upside-down.

11. Stretch a hose, having attached to it a cord an adhesive tape (at the left – a forward drainage hose, on the right – back; 1 – a sealant, 2 – a hose).

12. When replacing the electric motor slightly open the hatch on 20 cm and establish a reducer gear wheel opening so that it was between electric motor gear wheel teeths (1 – a reducer gear wheel, 2 – the leading gear wheel, 3 – an opening). 
13. At installation of the removed drive combine the put tags.