10.2.8. Rotary fist

Order of dismantling of a fist

1. Epiploon
2. Washer
3. Needle bearing
4. Fist
A. To grease

Removal and installation
1. Unblock a nave, having switched the lever of the transfer case to situation 2H and having passed a backing 2 m.
2. Lift a front of the car and remove a wheel.
3. Remove blocks and a support, take a support aside and fix.
4. Remove a brake disk assembled with a nave and bearings.
5. You will hang out the lower lever a jack, to a vypressuyta a finger and disconnect steering draft from a fist.
6. Both spherical support strippers of MB990778-01 and MV990809-01, a nut of support at the same time release Vypressuyte, but completely do not turn off.
7. Lower the lower lever a little and remove a fist.

Replacement of the needle bearing and epiploon

1. Sort a fist, having beaten out a brass mandrel an epiploon, a washer and the bearing.

2. At assembly grease and press the new bearing aflush with the surface of a fist a special mandrel.
3. Press a new epiploon, fill with lubricant an epiploon cavity.
4. Establish a fist upside-down.
5. Tighten nuts of support and a finger of steering draft according to the required moments. Tighten bolts of a support with m 80–100 N.' moment.