11:16. Anti-blocking system (ABS)

This system is intended for automatic control of braking of wheels in various conditions of braking (including at sharp braking) and is established on cars of 1992-98.

The system includes the hydraulic module with the control unit, sensors of speed of the car and overloads (G-sensor).

About malfunction of anti-blocking system the lamp on a guard of devices signals, at the same time work of brakes remains, – only automatic control of pressure in hydraulic contours is broken.

On the cars equipped with ABS system at a set of speed over 6 km/h noise of high-pitch tone which proceeds from a motor compartment is listened and it is caused by work of system of self-diagnostics and increase of pressure in system. Besides, when driving on the slippery road, or at sharp braking, vibrations of a wheel and a pedal of a brake can be felt.

Diagnostics of system is carried out only in car service. Faulty units of system can be replaced independently.