3.4.21. Oil cooler

Oil cooler of 4-cylinder engines

1. Bolt of the cap union
2. Laying
3. Tubes of the final party
4. Tubes of the pressure head party
5. Hoses
6. Oil cooler
7. Arm

Oil cooler of 6-cylinder engines

1, 9. Bolt of the cap union
2, 10. Laying
3. Oil cooler
4. Rack
5. Arm
6. Union
7. Pressure head tube
8. Exhaust pipe
11, 12. Hoses

Arrangement of bolts of fastening of tubes and oil cooler of 4-cylinder engines

Fastening bolts – are specified by shooters

The correct arrangement of pressure head and final tubes at assembly

1, 5. Hoses
2. Clamping collar
3. Limiter
4. Bolt of the cap union

Removal and installation
1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Merge oil.
3. Remove forward facing.
4. Turn off bolts of unions, holding a key the welded nut on the cooler case. Get laying.
5. Turn off bolts and remove the oil cooler.
6. Disconnect hoses and tubes from the oil cooler.
7. Check a condition of edges of a cooler and tubes. If necessary replace or repair.
8. At installation execute the following. On 4-cylinder engines: establish a long hose (the party of release) above, and short – from below. On 6-cylinder engines: at first tighten a bolt of the union of a final hose, and then inlet then tighten a bolt of a clamping collar.
9. Further installation is carried out upside-down. Warm up the engine and check oil level.