3.5.5. Head of cylinders and valves, shaft of yokes and yoke

Correct assembly of a shaft of yokes

1. Yokes of inlet valves
2. Yokes of final valves

Each of springs (3) settles down between yokes.

Assembly drawing of a head of cylinders of the diesel engine

1. Ventilation hose
2. Stopper of a maslozalivny gorloviga
3. Cover of a head of cylinders
4. Laying of a cover of a head of cylinders
5. Semicircular consolidation
6. Shaft of yokes
7. Yoke of the inlet valve
8. Yoke of the final valve
9. Spring of a shaft of yokes
10. Adjusting screw
11. Camshaft epiploon
12. Cover of the forward bearing
13. N2 bearing cover
14. N3 bearing cover
15. N4 bearing cover
16. Cover of the back bearing
17. Camshaft

Yokes of inlet and final valves differ and have marking or "I" (inlet valves), or "Е" (final valves). Openings for injection of oil on a shaft of yokes have to settle down after installation from below. The end of a shaft with one lubricant opening has to settle down from the forward party. On other end of a shaft there are two lubricant openings.

Covers of N2, 3 and 4 bearings have marking with their numbers. Covers of N1 and 5 bearings are not marked as they can be distinguished in their form.

The shaft of yokes is established after installation of the camshaft.

1. Oil all details of the mechanism of yokes engine and establish yokes and springs on a shaft.
2. Insert both bolts and spring washers and tighten bolts the moment of an inhaling from 35 to 40 N of m.
3. Other works are performed to similarly petrol engines. Establish a gear belt and other details of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism. On rice. The assembly drawing of a head of cylinders of the diesel engine details of a shaft of yokes are presented. After installation adjust gaps of valves on the cold engine and bring them to preset values after an engine warming up.