13:10. Security system of SRS (safety cushion)

Safety cushions are intended for protection of the driver on a front seat in case of collision. Are a part of the system the inertial sensors mounted on panels on both sides of a radiator and the module with a pillow which is in the center of a steering wheel. Service of system is carried out only in car service.

If the control lamp of system burns after inclusion of ignition and later 7 sec. dies away, then the system is serviceable. If the mode of burning of a lamp differs from specified, then immediately address to car service.

Precautionary measures at service
1. Works on service of system, including removal and installation of the module of a pillow, have to be carried out by qualified personnel with use of the following equipment:
– MB991502 scanner;
– ROM Pack;
– MB991349 SRS tester;
– diagnostic socket A of conducting MB686560 SRS;
– the diagnostic socket In conductings of MB628919 SRS.

Use of other equipment is forbidden.

2. Start works later not less than 60 sec. after a weight detachment.
3. It is forbidden to subject system details to heating over 93 °C.
4. At connection and shutdown of the scanner ignition has to be switched off.
5. At manipulations with a container of a pillow it is forbidden to subject it to sharp mechanical influences, and also influences of water and lubricant.