3.4.31. Oil pallet

Putting sealant on the pallet of V6 engines

1. Drawing near an opening under a bolt
2. To a belt
3. Sealant
4. Flute

Putting sealant on the plane of the pallet of 4-cylinder engines

1. Sealant
2. Flute
3. an opening under a bolt

For implementation of this procedure it is required to hang out the engine what the elevator is necessary for. Supporting of the engine from below is forbidden. When posting the engine disconnect all wires and hoses, being guided by the description of dismantle of the engine.

On the 24-valvate engine of 3,0 l and the engine of 3,5 l pallet 2-section. The lower part is made of aluminum alloy. Bolts of the top section come into a transmission case.

1. Disconnect the battery from weight. Merge oil and wrap a stopper.

2. Turn off pallet bolts, having paid attention to their arrangement.

3. Remove the pallet, having opened consolidation with sealant a special drift of MB998727 and having knocked on corners with a rubber kiyanka. On a small part of cars the pallet is installed on laying.
4. Remove an oil receiver. Clear the demountable planes of the pallet, wash out an oil receiver.

1. Install the pallet upside-down.
2. Replace laying of an oil receiver and tighten a bolt with m 18 N.' moment.
3. Apply MZ 100168 sealant (or equivalent) on the pallet plane, being guided by an illustration.
4. Tighten pallet bolts evenly with m 7 N.' moment (or in that order on V6 engines).