3.4.11. Removal and installation of the engine Engine of 2,6 l 12-valvate engine of 3,0 l 24-valvate engine of 3,0 l Engine of 3,5 l

For dismantle of engines of all modifications it is necessary to remove transmission, the transfer case and the forward driveshaft (see subsection 9.3.6, subsection 9.1.6 and subsection 9.3.9 ). At dismantle of the engine you put tags of mutual orientation to the removed units and a cowl, accurately designate all disconnected wires and hoses. At removal of engines with a volume of 3,0 l and 3,5 l do not assume that temporarily disconnected conditioner and the pump of the hydraulic booster sagged on hoses. Consider that at removal of the engine it is necessary to be extremely careful as gaps between the engine and body panels small, and the unit has considerable weight.