12.4. Repair of small scratches

If scratch superficial also does not affect body metal, repair is very simple.

1. Slightly rub the scratched surface with thin polishing structure to remove friable paint and wax.
2. Wash out a surface clear water.
3. Apply paint for coloring on scratch by means of a small brush.
4. Continue to apply paint coats until paint completely does not fill scratch.
5. Let's new paint dry up, at least, within two weeks, and then mix it with surrounding paint, заполировав the painted area by means of thin polishing structure.
6. And, at last, apply the top layer of wax on the scratched surface.

If scratch got through paint and damaged body metal, having caused emergence of a rust, it is necessary to apply other procedure of repair.

1. Remove a rust from the scratch basis by means of a pocket knife, and then apply anticorrosive paint to prevent emergence of a rust in the future.
2. Having used the rubber or nylon applicator, cover the scratched area with a glaze (a glaze – a translucent paint layer).
3. Before the glaze in scratch hardens, place a piece of smooth cotton fabric around a finger-tip.
4. Ship fabric in a thinner, and then quickly carry out by it around a scratch surface. It will help you will be convinced that a glaze surface slightly hollow.
5. Now it is possible to paint over scratch as it was described.

If it is necessary, the glaze can be mixed with a thinner to prepare very thin putty which is ideal for filling of narrow scratches.