13. Electric equipment

13.1. Detection of malfunctions in system of electric equipment
13.2. Check of tension
13.3. Detection of short circuit
13.4. Check of reliability of grounding
13.5. Check of integrity of a chain
13.6. Finding of not closed chain
13.7. Safety locks
13.8. The burned-through crossing points
13.9. Automatic switches
13:10. Security system of SRS (safety cushion)
13:11. Heater
 13.11.1. Fan electric motor
 13.11.2. Heater radiator
 13.11.3. Control panel of a heater and switch of the block of an obduv
 13.11.4. Cables of management of a heater
13:12. Conditioner
 13.12.1. Compressor
 13.12.2. Condenser
 13.12.3. Condenser fan
 13.12.4. Auxiliary condenser and fan
 13.12.5. Evaporator
 13.12.6. Conditioner switch
 13.12.7. Conditioner control unit
 13.12.8. Broad valve
 13.12.9. Highway of the conditioner
 13.12.10. Ring sealant of tubes of coolant
13:13. Cruise control
 13.13.1. Check of the main switch
 13.13.2. The switch on a steering column
 13.13.3. Speed sensor
 13.13.4. Braking signal switch
 13.13.5. The coupling switching off sensor (and/m from the manual transmission)
 13.13.6. The blocking automatic transmission switch
 13.13.7. Knots and units of vacuum system cruise control
13:14. Audio system
 13.14.1. Radio tape recorder and CD player
 13.14.2. Forward and back loudspeakers
13:15. Cleaners of glasses
 13.15.1. Electric motor and drive of a screen wiper
 13.15.2. Electric motor and drive of windscreen washer
 13.15.3. Cleaner and washer of back glass
13:16. Devices and switches
 13.16.1. Guard devices / combination of devices
 13.16.2. Speedometer cable
 13.16.3. Indexes of pressure of oil, level of fuel and temperature, voltmeter
 13.16.4. Printed circuit board
 13.16.5. Multimeter
 13.16.6. Switches of screen wipers
 13.16.7. Block of switches (headlights, turn, glass cleaner)
13:17. Lighting devices
 13.17.1. Headlights
 13.17.2. Replacement of a lamp
 13.17.3. Adjustment of a beam of light of headlights
 13.17.4. Indexes and repeaters of turn
 13.17.5. Lamp of an additional signal of braking (1992-98)
 13.17.6. Devices of internal lighting
 13.17.7. Lamp of illumination of registration plate
13:18. Protection devices of electric chains
 13.18.1. Fusible crossing points
 13.18.2. Safety locks
 13.18.3. Arrangement of protection devices of electric chains

Electric equipment is calculated on food from a positive pole 12 V-batteries, the negative pole is connected to weight. Installation of electric equipment of a body is executed by wires of calibers 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. For power supply of electric equipment wires of calibers 4, 6 (power cables of the battery and the generator, calibers 1 and 2 are used seldom), 10 and 12 are used.

The system of electric equipment has working voltage of 12 Volts and uses negative grounding. Food for headlights and all other elements of electric equipment arrives from the lead-acid accumulator which is recharged from the generator.

It is necessary to notice that during the work with system of electric equipment it is necessary to disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator for prevention of short circuit and / or ignition.

If the stereoplayer of your car has system of the coding, check whether you know a code of activation of the player before an accumulator detachment.