13.17.1. Headlights

Details of installation of a headlight (1983-91)

1. Lattice
2. Index of turn
3. Facing
4. Frame
5. Headlight

Headlight (1992-98)

1. Forward combination of lamps
2. Lattice
3. Headlight

On cars of early releases the non-demountable optical element in structure a reflector – the lens – the glow lamp, on cars of late releases – headlights with replaceable halogen lamps is established, the optical element in these cars belongs to elements of a design of a body and differs in simpler procedure of replacement of a lamp.

Removal and installation
CARS OF 1983-91.

1. Remove a forward facing lattice of the car.
2. Remove a plafond of the index of turn.
3. Remove plastic facing of a headlight.
4. Release 3 screws of fastening of an external frame, turn and remove a frame.
5. Remove a headlight and disconnect wires. Replace a lamp and establish a headlight.

CARS OF 1992-98.


1. Unscrew screws (2), remove a spring (1) and remove a forward combination of lamps (the index and the repeater of turn).
2. On the left side it is necessary to remove a tank.
3. Remove a forward facing lattice of the car.

4. Turn off 2 bolts and 2 nuts of fastening of a headlight (1 – a nut from within, 2 – a bolt outside).
5. Get a headlight and disconnect wires.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down.