4.3. Replacement of cooling liquid

Discharge of cooling liquid
1. Install the handle of adjustment of temperature of heating in extreme right situation, having opened thereby a heater faucet.
2. Remove a stopper from a jellied mouth of a radiator.
3. Turn out a drain stopper in the left lower part of a radiator and merge cooling liquid in the capacity substituted under a radiator.
4. Merge cooling liquid from a broad tank. After cooling liquid will cease to flow from a radiator, wrap a drain stopper.

Filling of the cooling system
1. Fill in cooling liquid in a radiator to the level of the top edge of a jellied mouth.
2. Remove a stopper from a broad tank and fill in cooling liquid in a tank to the level of a tag "Full".
3. Start the engine and warm up it up to the working temperature (the thermostat has to be open).
4. Bring the level of cooling liquid in a radiator and a broad tank to norm and wrap traffic jams of a radiator and a tank.