1.16.3. Rocking of the car

If the car got stuck in snow, sand or dirt, etc., it can be released, shaking the car back and forth. For this purpose switch the lever of the automatic transmission between provisions L (low gear) and R (transfer of a backing), having a little pressed an accelerator pedal.

Do not press a pedal too strongly and you watch that wheels did not slip.
If you try to release the car during the long period, the transmission can overheat and fail. Do breaks several minutes between attempts to shake the car in order that liquid of the automatic transmission was cooled while the engine works in the idling mode.

If you cannot release the car after several attempts to shake the car, it is necessary to look for someone's help.

In attempts to release the got stuck car, shaking it, check that around the car there were no people or large objects. The car can unexpectedly jump out of captivity and bring down standing in front of or behind people or objects.