9.3.15. Reducer of a forward axis

Reducer of a forward axis

1. Guard
2. External half shaft
3, 5. Spring ring
4. Inner axle shaft
6. Driveshaft
7, 9, 11. Samopodzhimny nut
8, 13. Arms
10, 15. Reducer
12. Cross-piece
14. Half shaft case

Removal and installation
1. Lift a car front.
2. Remove the lower guard and merge oil from a reducer.
3. Remove a nave assembled with a fist and external half shafts.
4. Remove an inner axle shaft and the forward driveshaft.
5. Prop up the reducer case the cart jack.
6. Remove arms, having designated an arrangement of the turned-off bolts and nuts.
7. Replace Samopodzhimny nuts at assembly.
8. Remove a cross-piece, considering the considerable weight of this detail.
9. Lower and remove a reducer.
10. Installation is carried out upside-down.
11. Delay connections according to the required moments, tighten nuts and bolts of a cross-piece with m 100–120 N.' moment.
12. Replace spring rings of half shafts.
13. At assembly combine the tags put when dismantling, wrap bolts on former places.