12:19. Forward antenna

Typical arrangement of an antenna cable

1. Box clamp
2. Socket
3. Overlay of powder
4. Facing of the lower sidewall of salon

Typical fastening of the antenna (1992-98)

1. Mud-reflector
2. Protective panel
3. Mast
4. Mast basis nut
5. Basis screw
6. Mast basis

Access to the antenna basis

1. Nut
2. Mast
3. Wing
4. Screen
5. Basis

On cars of 1983-91 for access to the basis of the antenna it is necessary to remove a forward wing.
The present procedure defines a cable replacement procedure assembled with the antenna basis.
The mast can be turned out from the screen of the basis and to remove separately.

1. To get a cable of the back antenna, it is necessary to remove floor sections, the right forward and back seats, an overlay of a sidewall, an overlay of an average rack, the back lower panel, a rug and to disconnect a cable from the receiver and the antenna.
2. Get the receiver and disconnect an antenna cable.
3. Wring out clamps and remove a box for trifles, in an aperture of a box disconnect cable latches.
4. Turn off a nut of the lower basis of the antenna on a wing, turn out an antenna mast.
5. ZNA cars of 1983-91 remove a forward wing.
6. On cars of 1992-98 remove the protective panel of a wheel niche.
7. Remove the top part of the basis of the antenna (screen) and carefully stretch a cable through an opening.
8. If the antenna electric drive is provided, then disconnect the drive socket.
9. Remove the basis of the antenna and the electric motor (if it is provided).
10. Installation is carried out upside-down.