1.8.6. Seat belts Use of seat belts Seat belt of a back seat Children's seat Transportation of children Fastening of the pregnant woman Maintenance and check of seat belts

Seat belts are established on your car for protection of the driver and passengers. Do not forget to be fastened by seat belts. In case of accident they can prevent a trauma.

The description of that is given below, to properly fasten and regulate seat belts in order that use was comfortable and safe.

Never fasten one seat belt several people.
Never fasten a seat belt so that it passed under your hand or at incorrect height. Always fasten the lower and top seat belts correctly.
You do not make any changes which can reduce their efficiency to a design of seat belts.
Never repair and do not replace seat belts independently. All operations on repair and replacement need to be entrusted experts.

The legislation demands that when driving the driver and the passenger were fastened by seat belts. Always follow this rule.

UNIBELT seat belts
On lobbies and back seats seat belts of UNIBELT which consist of one belt and the emergency tightening device are established.
Seat belts of this system allow the driver and passengers to bend forward and automatically tighten a belt at a deviation back.
The sensitive sensor in the emergency tightening device blocks a seat belt in case of sharp change of speed of the movement of the car.
Instructions for installation of a children's seat on a back seat of the car are provided in the section subsection