Cleaning and check

Cleaning of a head consists the remains of consolidation and a deposit from combustion chambers and heads of valves at a distance. When cleaning use a scraper from a firm tree or from plastic (drawing scratches is not allowed). At the same time clear the demountable plane of the block of cylinders, having carefully closed cylinders rags.

After cleaning and washing of a head check a condition of the demountable planes.
Plane tolerance with the block of cylinders from caliber – 0,05 mm in any place.

If the deviation does not exceed 0,20 mm, then a head to a proshlifuyta. Otherwise replace a head.

If the deviation of the demountable plane of the block of cylinders from caliber exceeds 0,05 mm, then a proshlifuyta the block or replace. The manufacturer established norm of reduction of thickness of a head of cylinders when grinding – 0,20 mm.

On V6 engines it is necessary to proshlifovat the plane of an inlet collector also. After cleaning it is recommended to establish gas distribution details.