1.10.19. Heater of back glass

Button of inclusion of a heater

The heater of back glass can be included at the working engine.

The alarm lamp will light up after pressing the button of inclusion of a heater. Current will begin to flow through heating elements on back glass, heating it in order that the moisture condensed on glass evaporated quicker or hoarfrost thawed.
Approximately after 11 min. work the system will automatically be switched off.
To switch off a heater before the expiration of 11 min., press the switch button again.
The alarm lamp will go out or the heater will be switched off.
If it is necessary for you that the heater continued to work after 11 min., press the button inclusions again, and the heater will work 11 more min.
Having pressed inclusions of a heater of back glass the button, it is also possible to remove fog from external rear-view mirrors.

When cleaning an internal rear-view mirror use soft fabric and clear, not strongly pressing on glass.
Do not paste stickers, an adhesive tape and anything else that fastens to glass by means of glue.
Do not include a heater of back glass at start of the engine or when the engine is switched off.
Switch off a heater as soon as possible after glass is purified not to discharge the accumulator.