1.25. Rear-view mirrors

Rear-view mirror

1. Day
2. Night
3. Handle

Adjust situation a rear-view mirror after adjustment of provision of chairs to have a good idea of what occurs behind your car.

You do not carry out adjustment of rear-view mirrors when driving. It can be dangerous. Check adjustment of mirrors a trip.

Internal rear-view mirror for use in day and night time of day
Adjust an internal rear-view mirror so that to receive the best look through back glass. You carry out adjustment when the handle of switching of a day/night operating mode is in the provision of a day operating mode. To reduce reflection of headlights of head light of the cars going behind transfer the lever to situation for night work.

External rear-view mirrors with the electric drive (if it is established)

1. Up
2. Down
3. To the right
4. To the left
L. Adjustment of a mirror back look to the left side of the car
R. Adjustment of a rear-view mirror on the right side of the car

Press the buttons up, down, to the left, to the right for adjustment of provision of mirrors.
Adjustment of external rear-view mirrors can be carried out when the key in the lock of ignition is turned in the provision of ON or ASSORTMENT.
Translate the central rychazhok towards that mirror which adjustment you want to carry out.

The external rear-view mirror can be bent down to side glass of the car if it is necessary.