2.15.2. Replacement of cooling liquid

Liquid is replaced on the warm engine.
1. Open a drain faucet (or turn off a stopper) in a ground part of a radiator.
2. When the stream of liquid weakens, turn off a radiator stopper.
3. Wrap traffic jams and fill the cooling system with clear water. Start the engine and warm up the engine before opening of the thermostat. Add water to mouth top. Stop the engine. Merge water. Repeat the procedure until clear water pours down.
4. Wrap traffic jams on sealant. Fill in at first antifreeze, and then water in the necessary proportion (it is possible to fill in also mix of water and antifreeze). Warm up the engine and add mix of water and antifreeze to the necessary level. Close a radiator a stopper.

On engines 3,0l and 3,5 l before gas station of antifreeze open an air vent about which there is a warning plate.