1.10.15. Indexes of turns

Rychan of inclusion of indexes of turns

1. Right
2. Turn
3. Change of a lane
4. Left
5. Turn
6. Change of a lane

For change of a lane or at turn the lever can be translated and held in the provision of change of a lane. It will return to neutral situation after to release it.

The lever can also be switched completely when performing turn. It will automatically return to normal situation after completion of turn.

Sometimes the lever does not come back to neutral situation at completion of turn. It occurs when the steering wheel was turned very little. In this case the lever needs to be returned to neutral situation a hand.

One of alarm hands on an instrument guard will begin to blink, showing that indexes of turns are included.

If any of indicators begins to blink quicker, than usually probably one of lamps of indexes of turns does not work. If the indicator does not light up at inclusion of indexes of turns, so most likely, the safety lock fused or the alarm lamp is faulty.

Replace the fused lamp or a safety lock as soon as possible.