11.15.3. Lever of the emergency brake

Lever of the emergency brake

1. Cable
2. Arm
3. Plug
4. Roller cover
5. Socket
6. Switch
7. Lever
A. Sealant
B. To grease
B. Cover
G. Place of putting sealant 8661 or 8663

Removal and installation
1. Disconnect a cable from an equalizer level.
2. Working in salon, remove floor sections and a box, remove an arm of floor section.
3. Turn off bolts and remove an arm of the emergency brake, get the plug.
4. Uncover the roller of the drive of the emergency brake.
5. Disconnect wires and remove the switch of an alarm lamp of the emergency brake.
6. Remove the brake lever.
7. Installation is carried out upside-down.