9.3.11. Forward leading axis

Forward leading axis

1. Reducer
2. Top lever of a suspension bracket
3. Torsion
4. Shock-absorber
5. Fist
6. Nave
7. Lower lever
8. Left half shaft
9. Stabilizer of cross stability
10. Inner axle shaft
11. Right half shaft

The forward leading axis consists of a folding beam with a reducer and an internal right half shaft, the left and right external half shafts with CV JOINTS. Internal CV JOINTS of axial type (double offset), external – the Bierfild type, providing torque transmission at turn of wheels on a considerable corner. For decrease in noise, vibrations and fuel consumption at shutdown of a forward leading axis the automatic or manual unblocking of naves is provided (it is provided with switching of the handle from position of LOCK in position of FREE).