3.4.18. Turbocompressor

The turbocompressor is given to rotation from exhaust gases and is intended for forcing of air in cylinders of the engine and increase in power. Pressure of pressurization is limited to the separate gate (the control valve of pressure) providing withdrawal of a part of exhaust gases from the turbine.

The intermediate refrigerator ("intercooler") installed on an entrance to an inlet collector is used to cooling of the forced air (approximately on 30 °C) and increases in its density on an entrance to the cylinder.

Lubricant of a turbocompressor which rotates with a speed of 140000 about / mines is provided with oil for the engine. Increased requirements (regular change of oil and the filter, the increased purity of oil) are imposed to lubricant of this unit.

Basic rules of operation
After launch of the cold engine warm up it on small turns (in cold weather of 1-2 min.) that viscosity of oil went down to the set level and compressor lubricant improved.

Before an engine stop after driving under trying conditions it has to work idling to prevent coking up of oil channels of the compressor.
If the heated-up engine decayed, then immediately restart it to prevent strong heating and a compressor discharge out of operation.
It is forbidden to sort a turbocompressor independently

Removal and installation
Removal and installation of a turbocompressor is carried out on items 1-9 of the procedure of removal of collectors of the diesel (see subsection 3.4.17).