12:27. Ceiling upholstery

Ceiling upholstery panels on cars without hatch (above) and with the hatch

1. Plafond of illumination of salon
2. Plafond of individual lighting
3. Plafond of illumination of a back compartment
5. Peaks
6. Mirror
8. Back panel of an upholstery of a ceiling
9. Forward panel of an upholstery of a ceiling
10. Arm of a joint of penely

Removal and installation
1. Remove all plafonds of lighting and switches from a ceiling upholstery.
2. Remove peaks and their holders.
3. Remove overlays of an upholstery and an overlay of racks of a body.
4. On the cars equipped with the hatch remove a slip on hatch perimeter.
5. Remove an arm of joining of panels of an upholstery.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down.