3.4.30. Chain and cover (engine of 2,6 l)

Chain of the engine of 2,6 l

1. Washer
2. Pulley
3. Chain cover
4, 6. Laying
5. Cap
7. Epiploon
8. Uspokoitel In
9. Uspokoitel And
10. Uspokoitel With
11. Small chain
12. An asterisk In
13. Asterisk of the oil pump
14. Zvedzdochka of the left roller
15. Plug
16. Natyazhitel
17. Sealant
18. Spring
19. Gear wheel
20. Pin
21. Cam-shaft asterisk
22. Cam-shaft chain
23. Crankshaft asterisk
24. Uspokoitel from a chain tension
25. Uspokoitel from a chain tension
26. Holder of an asterisk

Adjusting tags of a chain on the engine of 2,6 l

1, 6. The anodized link
2, 5. Tag (pole)
3. Chain
4, 9. Uspokoitel
7. Crankshaft asterisk
8. Natyazhitel
10. Cam-shaft asterisk

Combination of asterisks and small chain (2,6 l)

1, 6, 9. Uspokoitel
2. Block of cylinders
3, 8. Tag
4, 7. The anodized link
5. Asterisk
10. A section on X
11. A section on Y
12. Bolt

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Merge liquid.
3. Disconnect a hose of a radiator and remove the top casing of the fan.
4. Remove the fan with the coupling and you store without violating working situation.
5. Take off belts of hinged units.
6. Remove a fan pulley from the cooling pump.
7. Disconnect a heater hose from the cooling pump.
8. Turn off bolts, having paid attention to their arrangement, and remove the cooling pump.
9. Turn off a bolt and a stripper press a crankshaft pulley.
10. Uncover a head of cylinders.
11. Turn out from a head of cylinders of 2 forward bolts of fastening of a cover of a chain.
12. Turn out the bolts of fastening of the pallet screwed in a chain cover.
13. Turn off bolts and uncover, having destroyed consolidation by the sharp tool.
If at removal of a cover a forward part of laying of the pallet was damaged, then accurately cut out this part aflush with the block of cylinders.
14. Replace a forward epiploon, having accurately got it and having pressed new a mandrel of MD998376-01 or MB990938-01.
15. Install the piston of the 1st cylinder in compression step VMT (yokes have to rock freely within a gap).
16. Remove 3 uspokoitel resting against a vibroquencher roller chain, having marked each of fastening bolts.
17. Remove a small chain from the roller of a vibroquencher and from the oil pump. If the chain does not give in, then turn off bolts and remove asterisks together with a chain. Remove splines (if are provided). Pay attention to orientation of asterisks.
18. Remove the 1st asterisk of the crankshaft.
19. Fix by a wire a plunger of a natyazhitel in the case of the oil pump.
20. Turn off a bolt and remove an asterisk of a cam-shaft and a gear wheel of the drive of the distributor of ignition. It is also possible to remove a chain together with asterisks of the crankshaft and a cam-shaft.
21. Remove uspokoitel, keep all bolts and washers in a former order.

1. Believe a condition of a chain, at detection of worn-out links replace a chain.
Replace a worn-out plunger of a natyazhitel together with a sealant and a spring.
Replace uspokoitel if in them deep furrows were formed. At visible wear of teeths replace asterisks
2. Establish the left and right uspokoitel.
3. Dress a chain on asterisks of the crankshaft and a cam-shaft, having combined tags with the anodized chain links. Dress an asterisk on the crankshaft, and fix an asterisk of a cam-shaft on the holder.
4. Dress a cam-shaft asterisk, having passed a pin in an opening and tighten a bolt with m 54 N.' moment.
5. Remove a wire from a natyazhitel and pull a chain.
6. Dress a small chain together with asterisks, having combined tags and links with distinctive coloring (to establish asterisks, without breaking their former arrangement).
7. Dress a gear wheel of Century.

8. Dress a small chain on a crankshaft asterisk, having combined 3 anodized link with a tag.
Dress other asterisks on the roller and the oil pump, slightly tighten bolts (1, 2 – to a chain; 3 – installation of an asterisk on the left roller; 4 – installation of an asterisk on a neck of the leading gear wheel of the oil pump).

9. Turn both asterisks of a small chain and the oil pump, expose the place of the greatest weak point in a point P on an illustration.
10. Establish uspokoitel of a small chain and adjust the top uspokoitel (V) so that the gap between a chain and an uspokoitel was 0,2–0,8 mm. Tighten a bolt with m 19 N.' moment.
11. Establish all removed details. At installation of covers check a condition of laying. Cut out a part of remote laying and establish, having greased a joint with sealant. Tighten chain cover bolts with m 14 N.' moment, a crankshaft bolt – 119 N. of m, pallet bolts – 5 N. of m, forward bolts of a head of cylinders – 19 N. of m. After launch of the engine listen to noise from a chain. If unusual noise sound, then stop the engine and check installation and a tension of a chain. Upon termination of adjust belts of the drive of hinged units.