3.3.2. Check of the sensor of rotation of the crankshaft

On the sensor there have to be 2 tension:
– +12 V constant from the battery;
– 5 B from the processor block, interrupted at rotation of the distributor.

1. Check the sensor on the car for what disconnect the socket, include ignition and check presence of voltage of 12 V between one of conclusions and weight (not to connect sensor conclusions to weight).
2. Switch off ignition.
3. Remove the distributor of ignition and attach the socket.
4. Carefully remove isolation of wires to attach the voltmeter.
5. Connect the voltmeter to weight, include ignition and slowly turn the distributor roller.
6. At turn of the distributor on 1 ° on one of wires there has to be voltage of 5 V, and on other wire this tension has to disappear and appear at turn of the distributor on 120 °.
7. Check a condition of a plate of a rotor.