Engine of 2,0 l

The correct arrangement of rollers at assembly

1. Dredging
2, 8. Roller B
3, 7. Roller A
4. Number
5. Look P
6. Lubricant opening

1. Disconnect weight. Uncover heads and the top cover of a gear belt.
Release a cam-shaft bolt.
2. Install the piston of the 1st cylinder in VMT, having turned the crankshaft before combination of a tag on a crankshaft pulley from a forward cover, risky on a scale.

3. Turn off a cam-shaft bolt, and, without allowing rotation of the crankshaft and weakening of a belt, dress an asterisk on the holder in a forward cover, or in a belt cover. Dress special brackets on 8 hydropushers (the bracket for deduction of a hydropusher – is specified by an arrow).
4. Evenly and gradually release bolts of covers of basic necks of a cam-shaft, turn out bolts, and, holding for the opposite ends, get rollers with yokes.

1. Turn off bolts of fastening of rollers on covers of basic necks and get covers, yokes, springs and washers. You store all removed details as their installation.
2. Check a condition of persistent surfaces of yokes, replace rollers and (or) yokes, at the raised gap between these details. Replace faulty pushers, for this purpose remove a bracket (the pusher will drop out) and insert a new pusher, having again fixed by a bracket.
3. Collect rollers with covers in the following order:
– insert rollers into a forward cover of a cam-shaft so that dredging on rollers was directed up;
– wrap bolts of fastening of rollers (the left roller is longer than right);
– install a spring washer on the left roller.
4. Oil yokes, springs and washers for the engine and collect in a former order with cam-shaft covers (yokes of cylinders 1, 3 and 2, 4 are marked).
After installation of each group of details fix the corresponding cover by bolts.
5. Further assembly is carried out upside-down. Tighten bolts of fastening of rollers with yokes with m 19–20 N.' moment. Tighten a bolt of an asterisk with m 80 N.' moment (the pin on an asterisk has to enter an opening in a cam-shaft end face, not to weaken a belt tension at installation). Adjust valves of jets.