11.14.2. Brake support

Brake support

Dismantling order
1. The finger is lower
2. Axis
3. Plug
4. Support assembled
5, 7. Cover
6. Ring
8. Piston
9. Sealant
10. Case

Order of removal of blocks
1. The finger is lower
2. Axis
3. Plug
4. Support assembled
11. Blocks with the indicator
12. Block
13. External plate
14. Bracket

Brake support (removal order)

1. Hose
2. Support assembled
3. Disk

Places of lubricant of a support at assembly

1. In these cavities special lubricant which cannot be deleted is put.

The support should be removed on each wheel separately.

Removal and installation
1. Lift a front of the car and remove a wheel.
2. Remove a part of liquid from a tank.
3. Disconnect a brake hose on a support, muffle openings.
4. Turn off an axis and a finger and remove a support. It is also possible to remove a support assembled with an arm for what it is necessary to turn off 2 bolts of fastening of an arm to a brake board.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down taking into account the following.

6. Drown the piston in the cylinder.
7. Delay connections with the next moments: bolts of fastening of an arm of a support (if acted) – 90 N. of m, an axis and a finger of a support of 32-42 N. of m (top), the hose union – 17 N. of m.
8. Remove air from a hydraulic actuator.

Dismantling and assembly
1. Remove a cover.

2. Carefully remove pistons with compressed air.

3. Carefully get a cuff from the cylinder.
4. Check a condition of pistons and the internal surface of the cylinder.
5. At detection of corrosion and noticeable damages of a detail replace. In ремкомплект a support also the piston (it is delivered also separately), and also lubricant for support fingers enter a sealant.
6. Assembly is carried out upside-down.

7. At assembly establish an axis and the lower finger on the places noted by letters of G and L (1 – a support axis, 2 – a finger, 3 – letters for the correct assembly).
8. Replace everything a sealant.
9. Grease a support and fingers. Grease the piston with brake fluid.