13.16.7. Block of switches (headlights, turn, glass cleaner)

The block of switches on a steering column

1. Lower cover
2. Overlay of the button of a sound signal
3. Wheel
4. Lower casing of a column
5. Top casing
6. Switch

The block of switches is non-demountable and at refusal of any of switches changes entirely.

Removal and installation
1. Take the measures excluding operation of a safety cushion.

2. Remove a wheel.
3. For access to the lower casing of a column it is necessary to shoot the lower cover of the forward panel with parts of cars of late release.
4. Remove the top and lower casings of a column, disconnect the socket and get conducting from brackets.
5. Unscrew screws and remove the switch.
6. Install the block of switches upside-down, center it on a column, otherwise after turn commission the switch of turns independently will not be switched-off.