1.12. Ignition lock

1.12.1. The sound signal warning about the left keys

Ignition lock

LOCK – on models with the mechanical transmission at extraction of a key from the lock of ignition turn a key in the provision of ASS and continue to press on it until it turns in position of LOCK. Get a key. On models with the automatic transmission at extraction of a key from the ignition lock transfer the lever of the automatic transmission to situation P (parking transfer) in the beginning, then turn a key in position of LOCK and get it.

On cars with the automatic transmission the key cannot be got from the ignition lock until the lever of the automatic transmission is transferred to situation P (parking transfer).

ASS – turn of a key in the ignition lock in this situation allows to use car electric equipment, without starting the engine.

ON – a key in the lock of ignition is in this situation during the operation of the engine. It is possible to use all electric equipment of the car.

Do not leave a key in the ignition lock in position of ON when the engine does not work.

START – includes a starter. After start of the engine release a key, and it will automatically return to position of ON.

On cars with ignition lock illumination when opening a door of the driver the ignition lock lighting lamp turns on. Lighting of the lock of ignition remains included approximately during 10 from later closing of a door or so far the key in the lock of ignition will not be turned in position of ON.