3.5.2. Dismantling of the engine

Exhibition of tags of phases of gas distribution on the diesel engine

1. Tension roller of a gear belt
2. Krkpleniye bolts
3. A tag on распределительнм to a shaft
4. A tag on the cogged pulley of a compensation shaft
5. Cogged pulley of a compensation shaft
6. Tension device of a driving belt of a compensation shaft
7. Gear belt of the drive of a gas-distributing shaft
8. Gear belt of a compensation shaft
9. Driving pulley of a compensation shaft

Removal of a gear belt

Place a tension roller in the direction of an arrow.

1. Water pump
2. Nut

Sequence of an otvorachivaniye of bolts of a head of the block of cylinders

The inhaling of bolts is made in the return sequence.

Lower case
1. Masloslivny stopper
2. Laying
3. Bolts of an oil case
4. Laying of an oil case
5. Oil case
6. Bolt
7. Bolt
8. Grid of a maslozaborny tube
9. Bolts of the forward case
10. Forward top case
11. Laying of the case
12. Epiploon
13. Left compensation shaft
14. Carving cap
15. Sealing ring of round section
16. Fastening bolts
17. Fastening bolts
18. Forward lower case
19. Lower prokdaka of the case
20. Forward epiploon
21. Shaft of gear wheels of the oil pump
22. Right compensation shaft
23. Oil filter

Details of the forward lower case (18):
1. Fastening bolts
2. Cover of a belt pulley of a compensation shaft
3. Belt pulley of a compensation shaft
4. Driving gear wheel
5. Bolt
6. Cover of the oil pump
7. External gear wheel of the maslany pump
8. Internal gear wheel of the oil pump
9. Stopper of the safety valve
10. Laying
11. Spring of the safety valve
12. Oil safety valve
13. Epiploon
14. Forward lower case

The sequence of dismantling of the engine within carrying out capital repairs is given.

1. Merge oil from the engine.
2. Remove all hinged details from the engine. At emergence of doubts when performing a certain work get acquainted with appropriate section of the book.
3. Remove coupling. For this purpose as appropriate block a flywheel.
Make by blow of a core a tag on a flywheel and on coupling to provide installation of details in former situation at their repeated installation. Evenly on a circle release coupling bolts before it is final to turn off them.
4. Weaken bolts of fastening of the generator of alternating current and take off driving maple a belt. After that remove the generator. Unscrew also from the block of cylinders the belt tension device.

5. Take off a driving belt of the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering. For this purpose turn off the bolt shown in the drawing and a bolt of adjusting draft and take off a belt.

6. Remove a driving compressor belt of the conditioner (In – on diesel engines).
For this purpose weaken nuts of a tension roller so that it was possible to take off a driving belt. Turn off fastening of a belt pulley in a set.
7. Unscrew the fan of a radiator and the viscous coupling, and also a belt pulley of the water pump from the forward party of the engine.
8. Remove the top half of a cover of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism together with laying.
9. Turn off two bolts of a cover of a head of cylinders and remove laying, and also semicircular consolidation from a cover or from a head of cylinders.
10. Holding a bent shaft from a provorachivaniye, weaken a bolt of a belt pulley of a bent shaft. Remove a belt pulley. For this purpose rest from the opposite sides under a belt pulley two mounts. Do not damage at the same time a detail.
11. Turn off the lower half of a cover of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism and remove laying from the left and right parties.
12. Turn the engine before installation of the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of the top dead point. For check of correctness of installation of a bent shaft undertake big and index fingers both yokes of the first cylinder and shake them in different directions. If both yokes have gaps, then the bent shaft is exposed correctly. At the same time tags on the engine hold the position shown on rice. An exhibition of tags of phases of gas distribution on the diesel engine.
13. Put with chalk the direction of the movement on the back party of a gear belt, and also driving belt of compensation shaft if belts are repeatedly established.
14. Weaken both bolts and wring out the screw-driver a tension roller of a gear belt to the water pump (see rice. Removal of a gear belt). As soon as the belt weakens, tighten a nut that the tension roller could not come back to initial situation.
15. Take off a gear belt and a driving belt from cogged pulleys. After that the engine cannot be turned to an otvorachivaniye of a head of cylinders. You store both belts in the protected place that on them oil or lubricant did not get. Do not bend belts.
16. Remove a shaft of yokes from a head of cylinders.
17. Turn off covers of bearings of the camshaft and pull out the camshaft from a head of cylinders. Covers of bearings sit on the aligning pins. Strong sat down cover can be shifted easy blows by the rubber hammer. If it is required, remove the cogged pulley of the camshaft.
18. Turn off bolts of the head of cylinders for several passes to the sequences specified rice. Sequence of an otvorachivaniye of bolts of a head of the block of cylinders. For an otvorachivaniye of bolts the special head of a key is used. If it is required, separate a head of cylinders the plastic or rubber hammer. Do not insert between a head of cylinders and the block of cylinders the screw-driver for a head otzhatiya from the block at all.
19. Remove and will throw out laying of a head of cylinders, irrespective of appearance of laying. At once clear a surface of a head of cylinders of the consolidation remains.
20. Turn off an oil case.
21. Remove the forward case, hinged shaft and the oil pump as follows.
22. Unscrew the forward top case and remove laying. At once to a vypressuyta an epiploon from the back party of the top case. Pull out the left compensation shaft.
23. Turn out a cap from the forward lower case and insert into an opening the screw-driver with a diameter of core of 8 mm, thereby having blocked a compensation shaft from a provorachivaniye.
24. Turn off a bolt of fastening of a driving gear wheel of a compensation shaft. If the shaft is in situation, then it keeps from a provorachivaniye and at the same time the bolt is released. Wring out a belt pulley from a shaft, having rested two mounts from the opposite sides.
25. Turn off bolts and remove the lower case. It is necessary to turn off seven bolts.
26. Disassemble the lower case (see the fig. Nizhny Novgorod the case). Here the oil pump, a belt pulley of a compensation shaft and both epiploons turn on. Turn off the filtering grid of a maslozaborny tube from the lower part of a case of the engine. If both gear wheels of the oil pump are removed, it is necessary to apply on them before pulling tags a core to provide their subsequent installation in former situation. Laying can be thrown out at once as they are subject to replacement. For removal of a driving gear wheel of the oil pump it is possible to turn off a cover of a belt pulley of a compensation shaft. 
27. Turn off a special key an oil filter with a side on a head of cylinders.
If the special key is not available, it is possible to drive into an oil filter sideways the screw-driver and by means of it as the lever to unscrew the filter.
28. All other works are performed as well as on petrol engines.
Pay attention to the provision of covers of radical bearings as one of them have lubricant flutes whereas others have no them.
29. Both extreme inserts have lubricant flutes, but it is necessary to zamarkirovat their situation (in a case of the engine or on inserts of bearings).