Lubricant of bearings of forward wheels (rear wheel drive cars)

Nave of a forward wheel

1. Support
2, 9. Cap
3. To grease with sealant 3M ATD
4. Nave assembled
5. External bearing
6. Washer
7. Nut
8. Forelock

1. Remove a nave and a disk of a brake, remove a disk from a nave (see subsection 11.12.3).
2. Get an epiploon and the internal bearing. If bearings in the normal state, then them it is possible to use and further. Replace worn-out bearings for what beat out rings of bearings from a nave to brass small beards.
3. Rings of bearings are pressed by special mandrels or devices against the stop in a nave cavity fillet.
4. Put lubricant in bearings and a cavity of a nave.
5. A mandrel press an epiploon so that its surface was aflush with a nave end face.
6. Establish all details upside-down.

Lubricant is replaced in 2 years or 48000 km.

When replacing lubricant it is forbidden to wash out bearings in gasoline and to blow them compressed air. It is allowed to use only weak solvents.