1.43. Safety locks

Block of safety locks
The block of safety locks is located under an instrument guard on the party of the driver. In case fuses any of safety locks, it is necessary to find and remove the cause of burn-out of a safety lock before its installation of new. Spare safety locks are located in the block of safety locks.

Capacities of safety locks

Electric equipment of salon

() – designates the equipment which can be not installed
And/T – the automatic transmission

Motive compartment

The burned-through crossing points

Safety locks

() – designates the equipment which can be not installed

Before replacement of a safety lock turn a key in the ignition lock in position of LOCK or get it from the ignition lock.

Color of safety locks

If you need to replace a safety lock, remove a key for removal of safety locks from a cover and with its help get the fused safety lock as it is shown in the drawing. 

Capacities of safety locks and chains protected by them are specified on a cover of the block of safety locks. If the safety lock often fuses, find a cause of defect and eliminate it.