12.5. Repair of dents

During repair of dents the first that needs to be made, it to correct a dent that the damaged place was as it is possible closer to an initial form. There is no sense to try to restore completely an initial form as metal in the damaged place stretches, and it cannot be restored to an initial contour. It is better to level a dent so that its level was about 3 mm below than the level of surrounding metal.

In case the dent very small, is not present sense it at all to level.

Strongly hold wooden whetstone from a reverse side of metal to absorb blows of the hammer and to prevent metal stretching.

If the dent is in such part of a body which has a double layer, or something else makes impossible access from within, it is necessary to apply other procedure.

1. Drill several small openings in metal in the damaged surface, mainly in the deepest parts.
2. Screw in the long, self-cut screws in openings so that they entered strong gearing with metal.
3. Now it is possible to correct a dent, having pulled for the acting heads of screws by means of flat-nose pliers.
4. The following stage of repair is a removal of paint from the damaged surface and from surrounding metal approximately on 2,5 cm.
5. It becomes by means of a wire brush or the disk for grinding which is put on a drill, however with not smaller efficiency it can be made manually by means of an emery paper.
6. To finish preparations for filling, smooth out the screw-driver or a file the surface of the bared metal, or drill small openings in the damaged area.
7. It will provide good coupling of metal and a glaze.
8. To finish repair, you watch subsection 12.7.