10.2.7. Lower lever of a suspension bracket and replacement of plugs

Lower lever of a suspension bracket

1. Shock-absorber
2, 12. Torsion lever
3. Torsion
4. Stabilizer bar
5. Buffer
7. Forelock
8. Shizhny spherical support
11. Lever axis
13. Lower lever

Removal and installation
1. Lift a car front, remove a wheel and a mud-reflector.
2. Remove the torsion assembled with the lever (see subsection 10.2.1).
3. Disconnect the shock-absorber and a bar of the stabilizer from the lever.
4. Rasshplintuyte nut and vypressuyta lower spherical support stripper of MB990809-01 or equivalent.
5. Turn off bolts of an axis and remove the lever.

Replacement procedure of plugs

1. MB990958-01 adaptation to a plug vypressuyta (at the left) from a frame arm also press new (on the right). During removal of the left plug remove a reducer of a forward axis.

2. MB990883-01 adaptation to a plug vypressuyta from the suspension bracket lever.
3. Moisten with soap solution the new plug and press. The plug has to act equally on both sides.
4. Further install the lever upside-down. Tighten a nut of a spherical support with m 120–180 N.' moment.
5. Delay all connections with certain moments.