1.7. Hatch

1.7.1. Polzunkovy switch of the hatch
1.7.2. Sun-protection screen

The hatch can be opened or closed, only if the ignition key is in the provision of ACC or ON.

How to open the hatch manually
If the switch of the hatch is faulty and the cover of the hatch does not move, take the following advice in order that you could open and close it.


1. Get the screw-driver and the key intended for the hatch, from a box for the tool (the box is located in a door
luggage compartment).

2. To uncover, insert the end of the screw-driver into a crack and disconnect fastenings of a cover.

Wrap up a rag piece around a screw-driver nose not to scratch a cover.

3. Insert the long end of a key into the handle of the multipurpose screw-driver. Insert a key into the leading shaft of the motor of the hatch and close the hatch, rotating a key counterclockwise.