9.3.12. A nave with a manual unblocking

Nave of a forward wheel with manual blocking

1. Cap
2. Laying
3. Stoporony ring
4. Washer
5. Forward brake
6. Blocking mechanism
7. Washer
8. Lock-nut
9. Nave

The device of a spupitsa with manual blocking and its inclusion switching off

1. Handle
2. Lead
3. Coupling
4. Half shaft
5. Leading gear wheel of a half shaft
6. Spring

Details of the mechanism of blocking of a nave

1. Cap
2. Laying
3. Coupling
4. Spring
5. Lead
6. Spring
7. Case
8, 10. Lock ring
9. Leading gear wheel
11. Ring gear wheel
12. Remote laying

Blocking of a nave is provided with switching of the handle in position of LOCK that involves movement of the shlitsevy coupling. In situation the FREE coupling descends from shlits of a nave and the wheel rotates freely.

Dismantling and assembly
CARS OF 1983-88.

1. Lift a front of the car and remove wheels.
2. Switch the handle in position of FREE and turn off 6 bolts of fastening of a cap of a nave.
3. Remove a lock ring and remove washers.
4. Turn off 2 bolts and remove a forward brake, take aside and fix.
5. Turn off 6 bolts of fastening and remove a nave.
6. Remove the coupling, a spiral spring, a flood ring and a spring ring.
7. Remove with the flat tool a lock ring in a back part of the case of a nave and get the conducted part of a nave.
8. Remove a lock ring and remove the conducted ring gear wheel, remote laying and the leading gear wheel of a nave.
9. Assembly is carried out upside-down.
10. Grease the ring, leading and conducted nave gear wheels with SAE J310A or NLGI N3 lubricant.

11. At installation of a collected nave grease places of contact of the case of gear wheels and a nave with sealant 3M ART N 8661 or N 8663 or equivalent (places of lubricant are specified by shading). 
12. Tighten nave bolts with 50–60 N.' moment of m, a cap – 10–14 N. of m.