9.3.7. Transfer case

Transfer case

1. Stopper of a filling opening
2. Drain stopper
3. Clamp mechanism cap
4. Laying
5. Spring
6. Plunger
7. The sprung pin
8, 9. Wire clamp
10. Ram
11. Case
12. Laying
13, 16. Cap
14. Spring
15. Ball
17. Spring
18, 19. Plunger

The transfer case on the considered cars transfers torque to forward wheels. The type of the transfer case installed on all cars (with manual and automatic transmissions) 1983-98, is identical. Teeths of gear wheels of a box in continuous gearing, transfer number in position of the HIGH lever – 1,00:1, in position of LOW (demultiplikation) – 1,94:1. The box is switched by the floor lever via the ram which fastens a pin on a shaft of management.