3.5.7. Check of a compression

Decrease in a compression can be result of not closed valve, the broken or worn-out piston ring or other damages to the cylinder. It is necessary to make check of a compression in all cylinders for establishment of the cylinder which is the reason of pressure decrease of a compression in order to avoid fallacies.

The engine when checking has to be warmed.

1. Turn out glow plugs. Besides, removal of tubes of injection from nozzles is required.
2. Insert the device for measurement of a compression into the first candle opening and ask the assistant to start a starter, having pressed against the stop the accelerator pedal.
3. Turn the engine before achievement of the maximum value on a device scale. Press the button on the device to prepare the device for measurement on other cylinder.
4. In the same way check a compression in other cylinders.
5. Any of cylinders should not have a compression, a component less than 80% of the maximum measured value. Decrease and various values of a compression in cylinders can be referred to worn-out piston rings that has to be followed by at the same time raised oil consumption.
6. During the normal operation of cylinders the compression has to be 27,0 bars. A wear limit – 24,0 bars. The maximum difference between separate cylinders – 3,0 bars.