12:16. Bumpers

Front bumper

1. Towing cross-piece
2. Facing
3. Air temperature sensor
4. Bumper

Rear bumper

1. Backing signal lamps
2. Bumper

Removal and installation
1. At removal of a front bumper remove the lower cross-piece for towing, having turned off 4 (or 5) a bolt.
2. Turn off 5 nuts of fastening of forward facing of a bumper (access to these nuts is provided from the inside of a bumper) and remove facing.
3. Shoot the air temperature sensor with parts of cars.
4. Establish under a prop bumper, turn off fastening bolts (4 bolts on forward and 8 or 10 bolts on a rear bumper), with the assistant remove a bumper, considering the considerable weight of this detail.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down.
6. Delay fastenings according to the required moments.