Replacement of a piston finger

Insert of device for deduction of a rod

Adjustment of provision of a rod at a finger vypressovyvaniye

1. Rod

Directing devices for a finger zapressovyvaniye

Vypressovyvany and zapressovyvany a finger it is carried out in car service on adaptation MD 998184-01 with a hydraulic press and a set of special mandrels. Effort at a vypressovyvaniye about 1,78 CU, at a zapressovyvaniye – from 4,9 to 16,0 CU.

If the finger is not pressed with such effort, then replace a rod and (or) a finger.

Check of size of a vystupaniye of a finger on each side piston

At a zapresovyvaniye of a finger check the size of its vystupaniye (1) on both sides of the piston.
The Vypressovanny finger has to pass in the piston under small effort. Otherwise replace the piston and (or) a finger.