3.4.34. Check of a condition of a cam-shaft

Check the following sizes:

1. Axial side play
2. Gaps in basic necks
3. size of cams

The axial side play is checked or before removal of a cam-shaft, or installation, at the taken-off belt (chain). Side play proveryaetsyastrelochny micrometer. On the engine with a removable persistent cover the side play is checked by the probe. If the side play raised, then replace a persistent cover. If a side play still big, then replace a cam-shaft.

The gap in basic necks is checked on crush of plastic caliber between a neck and a cover. Covers and necks have to be carefully cleared of oil, bolts are tightened with the set moment at a motionless cam-shaft.

If the measured gaps and the sizes do not meet standard, then replace a cam-shaft.