Engines of 2,4 l

Gear belt of the engine of 2,4 l

1. Top casing of a radiator
2–5. Belts
6. Fan
7, 8, 9. Pulleys
10, 11. Covers
12. Natyazhitel
13. Belt
14. Natyazhitel of a belt B
15. Asterisk
16. Flange
17. Belt B

The devices used at removal of a gear belt


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove the top casing of a radiator and all belts of the drive.
3. Remove the fan.
4. Remove pulleys from the pump of system of an okhlazhdeniyaa the crankshaft, remove both covers of a belt.
5. Install the piston of the 1st cylinder in compression step VMT. From this point rotation of the crankshaft is not allowed. Designate the direction of rotation on a belt.
6. Weaken a natyazhitel and take off a belt, without allowing rotation of the crankshaft and a cam-shaft.
7. Remove a natyazhitel, an asterisk of the crankshaft and a flange.
8. Take off a small gear belt, having designated the direction of rotation.
9. Check a condition of a belt, at detection of any defects replace.


1. Pole
2. Dredging on an asterisk
3. Dredging on a flange
4. Tags on the case
5. A tag on a head of cylinders

1. Combine tags on asterisks, the block and a head of cylinders and put on a small belt so that the top part of a belt stretched.
2. Establish a natyazhitel, it is correct him having oriented.
3. Displace a roller up and pull a belt B so that the deflection in the top part was 6 mm.
4. Strongly holding a roller, tighten a bolt of a natyazhitel with m 20 N.' moment.
5. Install an asterisk and a flange on the crankshaft.
6. Establish a natyazhitel of a big belt, having rested a spring against the cooling pump, tighten bolts. Combine tags on all asterisks and on case details of the engine.
7. Make sure that the left roller is in the correct situation.

At combination of tags the left balancer shaft can be in any situation.

9. After combination of tags of an asterisk of the oil pump and on the case expose the balancer shaft. For this purpose remove a cap near a starter and insert a bar with a diameter of 8 mm. If the bar comes on 25 mm, then turn the oil pump on 1 turn and check combination of tags of the balancer shaft.
10. Again check combination of adjusting tags and release a bolt of a natyazhitel.
11. Remove a bar and turn the crankshaft clockwise so that the asterisk of a cam-shaft was displaced on 2 teeth.
12. Tighten the lower, and then top bolts.
13. Check a belt tension. The deflection in the middle between the oil pump and the crankshaft has to be no more than 13 mm.
14. Establish all removed details.