8.2.2. Fuel pump

Fuel tank and pump

Removal and installation
1. Remove a rug in a back part of a cargo compartment and remove the hatch.
2. Execute a decompression.
3. Turn off a stopper of a mouth and merge gasoline.
4. Turn off the union and remove from the pump and muffle hoses and tubes.
5. Turn off nuts of fastening and remove the pump.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down. Tighten nuts with m 16 N.' moment.
Before start of the engine turn on the pump on 10 sec.

1. Without removal the pump is checked by giving of tension from the battery for a conclusion of the diagnostic socket at the switched-off ignition (the socket is directly connected to the pump and is under the forward panel in salon on the right). If the pump works, then press a pressure head fuel hose and check whether there is fuel pressure.
2. The removed pump connect to the battery on 1–2 sec., previously discharge from it fuel.
3. It is also possible to check resistance of windings of the pump without its removal, – the ohmmeter has to show resistance, other than zero.