Engines of 2,4 l and 3,0 l

Cam-shaft covers (engines 3,0)

Shooters on covers of a cam-shaft have to coincide with an arrow on a head of cylinders.

1, 3. Shooters on covers
2. Places of putting sealant
4. Shooters on a head of cylinders
5. Roller A
6. Towards a belt
7. Roller B

1. Uncover a head of cylinders.
2. Dress special brackets of MB998443-01 on hydropushers. Release bolts of covers of necks of a cam-shaft, slightly pressing on yokes.
3. Turn out bolts of covers in the direction from a forward cover to back, at the same time ask the assistant to hold a cam-shaft reliably. It is impossible to assume that the belt tension sharply increased at a cam-shaft exit from support (otherwise it is necessary to reinstall a cam-shaft and a belt).
4. After removal of the roller remove a back cover and establish on the place, having fixed by bolts by hand. If necessary this cover can be removed, having established in exchange an average cover.

1. Disassemble the mechanism, check a condition of persistent surfaces of yokes, freedom of rotation of a roller, wear of the interfaced details and purity of lubricant channels.
Replace worn-out details.
2. Collect rollers with covers, having oriented so that dredging on rollers was turned up, and covers were located according to their numbers.
Grease all details. At installation of rollers the assistant has to hold a cam-shaft.
3. Further assembly is carried out upside-down. Remove brackets after an inhaling of bolts of fastening. Tighten bolts with m 20 N.' moment.