10.2.1. Torsion

Torsion of a forward suspension bracket

1. Cover
2. Torsion lever
3. Torsion

1. Lift a car front.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. You will hang out the lower lever a jack.
4. Remove covers from both terminations of the torsion.
5. If the removed torsion is installed again, then designate its situation.
6. Turn off a nut and get the torsion from the suspension bracket lever.

1. Installation is carried out upside-down taking into account the following.
2. Install the removed torsion on the put tags, new – on a white strip which is combined with a tag on the lever (the strip has to be turned forward, do not mix the right and left torsions).

3. When collecting sustain the size A. For cars of 1983-91. And =13,5–14,2 cm (the left torsion) and 12,4–13,2 cm (the right torsion), for cars of 1992-98. And =14,9 cm (left torsion) and 14,85 cm (right torsion).
4. Adjust clearance of a forward suspension bracket (establish the size B), for what on the removed torsion wrap a nut to its situation before dismantling, on the new torsion wrap a nut, having established the size B: for cars of 1983-91. In no more than 6,1 cm (the left torsion) and no more than 7,1 cm (the right torsion), for cars of 1992-98 the size B is no more than 8,0 cm (both torsions).
5. Fill covers with lubricant.

6. After lowering of the car check distance between an arm of the buffer and the limiter (1983-91) (at the left) or between the buffer and the limiter (1992-98) (on the right). These distances have to be 71–79 mm and 21–23 mm respectively.
7. If necessary adjust, rotating a torsion bolt nut.