1.6.1. Windows with the electric drive of glasses

Electric drive of glasses

Windows with the electric drive of glasses function only if the ignition key is installed (is included) in position of ON.

Main switch

1. Button of management of glass of a driver's door
2. Button of management of glass of a forward passenger door
3. Button of management of glass of the left back door
4. Button of management of glass of the right back door
5. Blocking button

The main switch is located on a driver's door and allows to operate glasses of all doors at the same time.

Glasses are set in motion by pressing buttons and move until those are wrung out.

If you want to lower completely glass of a driver's door, it is not obligatory to press on the button continuously, it is enough to press completely of it at the beginning.

If the button of blocking is pressed, then glasses of all doors are blocked and they cannot be lowered or lifted by means of the switches located on doors.
Also use of buttons 3 and 4 is impossible. To unblock glasses, press the blocking button once again.

Minor switch

Minor switches are located on all doors, except for driver's, and intended for management of glass of the door corresponding to them.

Glasses of back doors fall not completely but only on a half.

Be careful, do not clamp the head or hands the closed glass.
Do not leave the child in the car unguarded. If you carry in the child's car, surely use the blocking button to switch-off the switches located on doors and to reduce risk of a trauma which the child can put himself.
If, going out of the car, you leave in it passengers or the child, surely take away with yourself the ignition key.
Never try to involve the main switch and minor at the same time diversely, it will lead to what glass will jam and you will not be able neither to lower, nor to lift it.